Each appeal or complaint must be submitted in writing, either on a form (we will send on request) or as a separate document prepared by the complainant / appellant and then sent by the complainant / appellant to the address of the certification body, or by email eucert@eucert.eu . Certification body eucert s.r.o. within 14 days, notify the complainant / appellant of the manner of resolving the complaint / appeal, resp. on the steps to be taken to investigate complaints / appeals and their timelines.

In the event of a third-party complaint against the management system of an eucert-certified organization, the head of the certified organization against which the complaint is addressed is contacted. Subsequently, the merits and causes of the complaint will be examined and, if necessary, an extraordinary control audit will be ordered. If the complaint is justified and serious, the certification body may also suspend / withdraw certification .

The certification body informs the complainant / appellant about the final resolution of the complaint / appeal.