Logo COSM eucert s.r.o.

The COSM logo is the official symbol of eucert s.r.o. and may only be used by eucert s.r.o.

The COSM logo is protected by trademark law. The logo must not be used in situations that would damage or denigrate COSM’s reputation. The use of the COSM logo must not be misleading. The COSM logo may only be used by COSM employees in connection with the official activities of COSM. The use of marks and logos ensures, among other things, traceability back to the certification body.

The mark that accompanies the text clearly provides evidence of what is recognized and identifies the COSM that granted the certification, there must be no ambiguity as to the mark or accompanying text. This mark may not be used on the product or on the packaging of the product, nor in any other way that could be interpreted as a mark of conformity of the product, in accordance with the concluded certification agreements within the meaning of Directive COSM-SM-06. Offer and contract.

The COSM logo is being used:

  • on official COSM documents,
  • on COSM letterhead in official correspondence,
  • on business cards of COSM employees,
  • in promotional and publication materials published by COSM,
  • in presentations, trainings and other events organized by COSM,
  • on the COSM website.

Other uses of the COSM logo are only possible upon written request approved by the COSM Director. The COSM logo may not be used by any certified or non-certified entity on any document and under any circumstances without permission. According to concluded certification / recertification agreements (F52 / F32, Appendix No. 8 to COSM-SM-06), COSM prohibits certified clients from using certification marks on test reports, calibration sheets or inspection certificates.

COSM will only grant permission upon a written request from the entity with a reasonable intention to use the COSM logo. COSM will issue the permit and provide an electronic version of the COSM logo only under individually determined and monitored conditions.

COSM under concluded certification agreements within the meaning of Directive COSM-SM-06 The offer and contract requires that the client organization:

  • when referring to its certification status in means of communication such as the Internet, manuals or advertisements, and other documents, acted in accordance with the requirements of the certification body;
  • did not or did not allow it to make misleading statements regarding
  • did not use or did not allow the use of the certification document – the certificate or part of it in a misleading manner;
  • on the basis of COSM instructions, discontinued the use of all advertising resources certification,
  • adjust all advertising procedures if the scope of certification is limited;
  • not allow the use of the reference to the certification of its management system in a way that would mean a loss of reputation for the certification body or certification system, or public confidence.

COSM according to concluded certification / recertification contracts (F52 / F32, Annex No. 8 to COSM-SM-06) has the right to perform proper control of trademark ownership, their use and issuance of certification marks issued by individual management systems.

COSM takes action to address incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, marks, or audit reports. In accordance with the contract with the client, these steps may include requests for remedial and corrective action, suspension, revocation of certification, publication of the offense and, if necessary, appropriate legal action.

If COSM gives the right to use a certification mark indicating ISMS certification, it must ensure that the organization uses the mark granted. COSM does not authorize an organization to use a certification mark to indicate a product or in any way that could be construed as indicating that a product conforms to a standard requirement.

COSM is authorized to use embossed, embossed and stamped designs of the COSM logo. The certified organization may, in special cases and after obtaining the consent of COSM, use the embossed and embossed design of the certification mark in the appropriate colors or black and white. The certification mark or reference to the certification can also be used in the headers of documents and other documents.

A certified audited organization is authorized (subject to the conditions set forth in COSM-ON-03) to use the assigned certification mark:

  • in documents directly related to the certified management system,
  • on letterhead,
  • in promotional materials,
  • on the website.

The certification mark depends on the area and the standard itself, according to which the certification took place. Certification marks are listed in Annex no. 2 to COSM-ON-03 and the audited organization will receive them after obtaining a management system certificate.


Shape and size

The shape and dimensional proportions of the COSM logo are in the Certification Marks (Appendix No. 2 to COSM-ON-03). The COSM logo and COSM certification marks may be used in:

  • color version,
  • monochrome version – black and white is recommended when using the monochrome version.

The color scheme of the COSM logo and certification marks is mandatory. The COSM logo and marks must be reproduced only in the form and proportions set out in Annexes COSM-ON-03. Only those types of reproduction which reliably ensure the prescribed shape and color are permitted. It is forbidden to distort the COSM logo and brands in any way.


The COSM certification mark can only be used in conjunction with the certified organization’s logo (ie the certification mark and the certified organization’s logo must appear on the same page of the documentation). Used background or surroundings of the COSM logo, resp. marks must not impair their legibility. The background used must be clearly contrasting. The minimum free protection zone around the COSM logo is 10 mm. In case of doubt, the certified organization is obliged to ask COSM for an opinion on the placement of the logo.


If COSM suspends a certificate by a certified organization, such entity must immediately (i.e., the date of suspension of the certificate) suspend the use of all documents relating to activities in the suspended area that contain the applicable COSM certification mark. Exceptionally, a certified organization may use a certification mark or certification reference on letterhead or promotional materials for a maximum of one month from the date the certificate is suspended.


The certified organization must immediately (anywhere) immediately exclude the publication and use of certification marks or any reference to certification on all materials that contain such marks or a text link to its revoked / terminated certification from the date of revocation and certification or expiration.

Violation of this requirement qualifies as unauthorized use of the certification mark.


It is not allowed to declare or refer to the certification or to indicate it in the case of activities that have not been subject to verification and are not certified by COSM eucert s.r.o. Business documents, such as quotations and proposals (including associated documents), which also cover services that do not fall within the scope of certification, must clearly and unambiguously identify which services are certified and which are not. If the offer relating exclusively to non-certified services is indicated on a letterhead containing a certification mark, this document must contain a clear and unambiguous statement that “ This price offer concerns services that are not covered by the scope of certification and a valid quality management system certificate . ”


The use of the ČIA logo and accreditation marks is strictly described in MPA 00-04-21 “Rules for the use of the accreditation link”. Any use of the ČIA logo and brand is prohibited except as permitted in this document. The conditions of use of the brand are set out in Art. 3.2 of this document, from which we quote:

„3.2 Certification Bodies

In addition to the conditions set out in 3.1, clients of accredited certification bodies may use in their materials the mark assigned to the certification body only in conjunction with the logo (or certification mark) of this certification body. If a manufacturer or supplier of a product (the term product applies here in a broad sense, includes tangible products, processes and services) has its management system certified by an accredited certification body certifying management systems within the scope of its accreditation, the IAF MLA and / or any other reference to accreditation and / or IAF MLA signatures imply a link to product or person certification. Therefore, the accreditation mark and / or text link cannot be placed on the product or its packaging, nor can the IAF MLA Combined Mark and / or the IAF MLA Signature Link be used by users of accredited services on or in connection with the products. < / p>

NOTE: At the same time, if the manufacturer has a certified product, the use of the mark, the IAF MLA Combined Mark, and / or any other reference to accreditation and / or IAF MLA signatures must not imply a relationship with management systems certification.

The mark, the IAF MLA combined mark and / or a text reference to the accreditation and / or the IAF MLA signatory reference may not be used by users of accredited services on test reports or calibration protocols of certified laboratories. „

From COSM’s point of view, the misuse of the ČIA brand on the documents of a certified organization is considered a serious violation of the rules and the certification / recertification agreement, which leads to the suspension of the certificate. COSM is authorized to control the use of these tags.

Updated: 6.4.2022