Management of the certification body

eucert s.r.o., Břeclav

is aware of its responsibility to carry out certification activities in a professional manner and to maintain its independence and impartiality in accordance with the accreditation criteria, and therefore takes the following measures.


  1. Carry out all certification activities professionally, impartially, independently and objectively.
  2. Raise the level of education of your employees and pay attention to their expertise, impartiality and objectivity, responsibility, openness and confidentiality.
  3. Continuously monitor developments in the various accredited areas.
  4. Monitor legislative changes and comply only with applicable legal regulations
  5. Increase the level of technical and material security of the certification body.
  6. Create the financial and human resources necessary for the activity of the certification body.
  7. Supervise the correct use of issued certificates.
  8. Require proof of further training of employees in the certified area for clients who are inspected. & Nbsp ;
  9. Presentation and awareness raising of management systems.
  10. Continuously improve the established management system of our body and achieve continuous compliance with the international standard EN ISO / IEC 17021-1: 2015.

Břeclav, 11.11.2019                                     

                                                                                        Ing. Milan Greguš,                                                                                               COSM