COSM eucert s.r.o. recognizes the importance of impartiality in the performance of management systems certification activities. Our goal and priority is to always act transparently, to assess and decide objectively and to avoid any conflicts of interest.

COSM eucert s.r.o. declares that it is impartial in the performance of management system certification activities, manages conflicts of interest and ensures the objectivity of management system certification activities. & nbsp; If any relationship raises concerns about impartiality, the certification body must document that relationship and demonstrate how it eliminates or minimizes those concerns.

COSM eucert s.r.o. is independent of other companies and of any other pressures that could affect the outcome of the certification process. The certification body is fully responsible for decisions regarding certification, including the granting, maintenance, renewal, extension, restriction, suspension and revocation of certification.

To achieve these goals and meet the requirements of impartiality and independence, our company follows the following principles:

1. We decide on the certification of management systems only on the basis of an objective and professional assessment of the given management systems,

2. we analyze, review and take action in the event of a possible threat to impartiality,

  1. analyze and take appropriate measures to protect impartiality when it is threatened by the actions of other persons, bodies or organizations,
  1. we inform stakeholders of our steps and procedures and transparently submit all relevant information to the Impartial Protection Committee, which represents these parties,
  1. we do not provide advice on management systems or perform internal audits in companies that are clients or potential clients of our company,
  1. we do not certify the activities of any other certification body focused on the certification of management systems,
  1. we make decisions only on the basis of objective evidence obtained from the assessment and we prevent the course or conclusions of the assessment from being influenced by other interests or other parties,
  1. we publish the steps and sequence of the certification, audit and environmental verification process, as well as the results of certification and validation decisions,
  1. we respond effectively to complaints and deal with them appropriately,
  1. We treat information from clients confidentially and at the same time properly balance the principles of openness and confidentiality when dealing with and responding to complaints.
  1. we do not promote the activities of the certification body in connection with consulting in the field of management systems,
  1. we do not condition the success or other economic benefits of a company’s consulting consulting,
  1. we adhere to ethical principles in all activities related to our business,
  1. We maintain a partnership with each customer and adhere to the principle that the certification process and its results, including decisions, are not dependent on the company’s financial interest,
  1. we provide certification services by independent staff and monitor this activity.

The activities of COSM eucert s.r.o. are governed in a non-discriminatory manner. At the same time, we declare that the services of our company are fully available to all organizations and entrepreneurs, regardless of their focus. Those who want to work in our company must first identify with this policy, and our company’s management will create the right conditions and provide them with the necessary resources to act in full compliance with it.

With this statement, we commit ourselves to the impartiality of our certification activities and declare that we will not be subject to any economic, commercial or political pressures.

Břeclav, 6.4.2022 Ing. Milan Greguš, Director of the Certification Body