Suspend, revoke, or narrow your certification

The Management System Certification Body (COSM) has policies and procedures for suspending, revoking, or reducing the scope of certification. If the suspension, revocation or reduction of the certification concerns one management system standard, COSM will examine the impact on other management system standards.

The possibility for COSM to suspend, limit or revoke a client’s certification in certain circumstances is provided for in the certification / rectification agreement.

Certification Suspension Procedure

Certificate suspension is decided by the Director of the Certification Body (RCO) by issuing a suspension / revocation decision. The decision is delivered to a certified organization and this fact is available for publication in COSM eucert s.r.o.

Reasons for suspension of certification

COSM will suspend certification if, for example:

– A certified SM client does not consistently or severely meet certification requirements, including SM effectiveness requirements,

– the certified client will not allow the required number of surveillance audits or recertification audits to be performed,

– The certified client has voluntarily requested suspension.

After the suspension, the management system certification is temporarily invalid and the certified organization is not authorized to use the eucert s.r.o certificate or certification mark. nor refer to certification.

If a COSM client does not resolve all the issues that led to the suspension of certification, that fact will result in the revocation or narrowing of the certification. Certification suspension can only be for 6 months. After this time, the client certificate is revoked.

Narrow your certification

COSM will limit the scope of certification to exclude those parts of the scope that do not meet the requirements if the certified client does not permanently or severely meet the certification requirements for those parts of the subject of certification. All these restrictions must comply with the requirements of the standard used for certification.

How to renew a suspended certificate

If the conditions set out in the suspension / revocation decision are met within the set deadline, the RCO will issue a renewal decision. The decision is delivered to a certified organization and is available for publication in COSM eucert s.r.o.

Removal Certification Procedure

Based on the confirmed findings, the RCO will issue a „Decision to & nbsp; withdraw certification „. The decision is delivered to a certified organization and this fact is available for publication in COSM eucerts.r.o.

Reasons for withdrawal certification

The management system certificate is revoked from the client based on the following:

(a) the client breaches the obligation set out in Article IV of the certification / recertification agreement, ie. must inform COSM immediately of any changes that may affect its implementation;

b) the Client uses the certificate, logo or mark in violation of legal regulations, rules for the use of the certificate, logo and mark or contrary to good morals;

(c) the client’s certificate is suspended or revoked as a result of supervision;

(d) the client’s assets have been declared bankrupt or the bankruptcy proceedings have been closed due to lack of assets;

(e) the client enters into liquidation;

(f) the client does not allow the executor’s supervision,

g) the client does not allow for the purposes of COSM accreditation according to ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17021-1: 2016, with the cooperation of the client, a scientific assessment be performed, ie. accreditation body to participate in the certification: Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s.

(h) finding a breach of the client’s terms and conditions

i) the client requests the termination of the cooperation,

j) the client does not remove the reason for which the certificate was suspended within the specified period of 6 months,

(k) the client is found to be using the certificate or is referring to it during the suspension period.